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Songs Inspired by Gambling


Gambling has a long list of aspects that make it influential as individuals create works of art through the same. Be it music or movies; one will always come across something or the other that talks about sportbook Malaysia gambling. As a result, today we will be looking at different songs by top artists that speak about gambling. These songs have become chartbusters and will remain to be top classics. So to get things straight, here are the top songs that are inspired by gambling.

1. Ace of Spades (Motorhead)

The late Lemmy Kilmister and his band, Motorhead was always known to create songs that stood to be classic metal essential for all headbangers across the world. In the same manner, “Ace of Spades”, released in 1980 was one of the bands biggest hits that people listen to this day. It includes all that a metalhead requires in song by bringing forward the theme of gambling. Moreover, Lemmy’s classic voice makes matters all the more interesting, and you will find yourself headbanging to the tunes of this legendary band.

Ace of Spades

2. The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)

Kenny Rogers is another famous name that pops up in the minds of people when someone mentions country music. While the legendary singer left the world on 20th March 2020, his songs remain as top options on everyone’s playlist. When you bring gambling into the picture, you will be faced with another classic, “The Gambler”, written by Don Schlitz. By impairing wisdom and other related aspects, Kenny Rogers talks to you like a gambler. Towards the end of the song, you will be surprised at the kind of talent that is capable of scripting such thoughtful lyrics.

3. Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

The music scene in 2008 was hit by a huge phenomenon known as Lady Gaga. The singer/actor was known for making songs that are catchy by speaking about several aspects. Likewise, one of her most famous songs, “Poker Face” was released in 2008 and went ahead to receive a Grammy nomination. With various poker references, it turns out to be a unique song that will always be remembered. But it was not all about gambling, as Gaga later clarified that it was about her personal experience with bisexuality.

4. Tumbling Dice (The Rolling Stones)

“Tumbling Dice” is another famous song that was inspired by a gambling den. Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the legendary band, went on to reveal further facts about the song by stating that he learned about the rules of win 1bet2u trusted online casino of Craps from his housekeeper. Thanks to that, we now have a classic song that hits you with another side of gambling. In case you haven’t heard any of these gems, then waste no time to find them out and listen to them right away.